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The Clinic conveys useful, timely, intelligent research on misconduct in deportation proceedings to affected communities, journalists, policymakers, and scholars.

Research Mission

The Clinic's research mission is rooted in public health approaches to theorizing and addressing community-level risks and interventions.

Research Paradigm

The Clinic pursues studies under the rubric of forensic intelligence, that is, research tied to iterations of legal knowledge and discourse for the purpose of learning from and ameliorating symptoms of injustice. 

See "Forensic Intelligence and the Deportation Research Clinic: Toward a New Paradigm,"  Perspectives on Politics (2015), or the online abstract.

Clinic Focus

Source Materials

Use the Deportation Research Clinic Source Materials website to access source materials, including:

  • Data on  U.S. citizens in deportation proceedings
  • Material on ICE private prisons, including litigation motions, contracts, invoices and detainee grievances
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) responses and litigation