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Deportation Research Clinic

The Deportation Research Clinic studies the misconduct of federal, state, and local agencies implementing deportation laws.

About the Clinic

Working with a global network of U.S. residents who have been issued deportation orders, as well as with attorneys, law professors, journalists, policy-makers, and students, the Deportation Research Clinic:

  • Uncovers, investigates, and analyzes geographical and policy "hot spots" of misconduct among law enforcement agencies implementing deportation laws.
  • Works with communities in Illinois and beyond to discover and test new legal, political, and economic strategies to prevent and ameliorate the harms U.S. residents endure because of misconduct by government officials during deportation proceedings.
  • Has special expertise on the unlawful detention and deportation of U.S. citizens and the unlawful dollar-per-day wages paid to U.S. residents in custody under immigration laws.

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